January 10 / 2019

How to create a personal SMM strategy on Facebook?


1. Facebook is a content-oriented platform. Posts with unique content and photos go well. Third-party links will not be prioritized in search results, and then will be marked as "attachments are not available" at all.

2. Photos are popular not because they are promoted by the social network, but because people love them and recognize them rather. Images don't have to be beautiful, they have to be interesting in order to be discussed.

3. Choose your style. There are four main personas in a social network.
  • People who write about their achievements - we received an award, here is our diploma, I ran the race, I got gifts, here is my photo on vacation.
  • They congratulate us every time - Happy New Year, good morning, they confess their love.
  • Experts - write interesting positions on professional topics. There are very few such profiles, and it is still necessary to find a clever person.
  • Emotional users. They give all the details of their personal life - tell how their dog lives, praise / complain about airlines, restaurants, banks, tell what they did at the weekend.


1. Each post is assigned a rating in seconds, which depends on the number of comments, the speed of their appearance, the speed of response to messages, the number of likes.

2. Your warmest audience is those with whom you correspond in the person. If you don't correspond with anyone, no one can see your publications.

3. Yesterday's post will not be promoted as well as today's.

4. What is the motivation for people to bark at your posts? Those who write about achievements and congratulations are liked out of personal sympathies, envy, or want to get something. The emotional post asks for an answer - I agree/disagree, yes, I have been there too. Expert - thank you, I didn't know that, useful.

5. The greatest weight in the rating of the post has comments. When you want to involve the audience, you can call for "let's talk/discuss", the main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise, the social network may be marked as spam.

Now for your newsfeed

1. There are really many fake accounts. I've deleted hundreds of pseudo-artists, men with "self-employed" working status, beautiful girls with empty profiles, men with two photos and comments like "you're so cute", men with cars on the cover, etc. Believe me, I figured out that they are the fakes.

2. Anyone you want to read - add them to your best friends, you will see their news. Unsubscribe from others, or even better remove them. You can even mark everyone from the lists - friends, potential clients, etc.


1) If you don't spend so much time on the social network - don't like posts, don't write comments, don't communicate in person - in fact, you're not here. Nobody sees your publications, you're outside the door of a party that you're not allowed to attend.

2) If you use FB for professional purposes - enter an expert or emotional profile, they will be popular. How much the second type will sell your services is a question.

3) Write unique content, briefly.

4) Use new FB tools - video, live broadcasting, polling, lists, etc.

5) Yes, and don't get too steamy. If you don't like it, it's not a fact that you're not loved, but rather that you're under the social media algorithm.
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